Why family help is necessary.

Why family help is necessary.

Human beings live in societies and the building blocks of these societies are families. Families are the entities where we are with similar people like us, sharing the same genes. They are the ones who know us the most. Most people have fake personas that meet their needs. But families realise the reality over time even if we try to maintain a fake self.

When depression hits in, we go downhill. At a time when our emotional reserves are draining, family support is very important.  The more the support, the better are the chances of recovery.

I am a person who has a hard time expressing emotions. I spent continuous nights crying late into the night and the next day , I woke up , pasted a fake smile and went about my work.it had nothing to do with being positive. I just felt the need to keep it all in. And it cost me hard. I suffer from dysfunctional relationships witba lot of family members . I chose to channel my depression through anger. All this because I didn’t tell let my family know. 

Maybe if I told them they would have been able to help me out. Give me advice. But I didn’t . And that is one of the things I regret the most. And I don’t want other people to do the same mistake.
Later, two or three years hence, when I told my mother that I had depression. She didn’t believe me. Because I was either always angry or extremely euphoric. 

And therefore I hope that anyone who has cared to read through till the end will try and share it with their family. Family support is extremely necessary.​

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