Sadness is not depression.

Sadness is not depression.

Depression can be soul sucking. In the Harry Potter series, J K Rowling used dementors, soul sucking creatures that make  you feel like nothing will ever be alright again. She created these to personify the horrible condition of depression. 

Anyone who thinks they are suffering from depression needs to know that , sadness is not depression. Many a times people see a sad person and ask why are you depressed ?  well they may not necessarily be depressed. Sadness is differerent. 

Depression is a whole other ballgame. It is a dangerous cocktail of hopelessness , despair, feeling worthless and all these leave you emotionally exhausted.

So before you diagnose yourself with depression look at the facts. There are many apps out there which let you take tests to see if you are depressed. Though nothing can beat professional help. 

Help yourself before it is too late.

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