How I knew I was depressed.

How I knew I was depressed.

Depression is a disease, and to self diagnose a very less talked about disease is only possible when the symptoms are extreme. 

I got my first bout of depression when I was in the seventh grade. All my friends had started dating and I was the fat little nerd kid whom no one looked at. Peer pressure started pouring in. Bullies came and made fun . I was that weird kid. 

I stopped speaking to people. I did my homework and schoolwork and just went about. One fine day I snapped. I was in my computer class when my teacher asked me “How is life?”.she literally asked me that and I started crying . She must have thought I was crazy. I was going crazy though.

It was horrible. 

Second bout came when I was in eleventh grade, high school. Still battling that but it’s getting better.

I wanna get out there and help people out because I know what it is like to have no one to talk to and when no one believes I am in depression . Because outwardly I am so cool.​

Because life is hard as it is. We need to keep the other stuff simple

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