All the coffee in the world.

All the coffee in the world.

Being a science student in India is not a mean task. You have to have a clear mind all the time. Your brain has to work.200% every single second.

And hence I took coffee. The alertness that coffe gve was invaluable to me. It still is . The clear mind, the racing ideas all seemed such an awesome bargain for a little drink. But little did I know about caffeine being depression’s old ally.

The more caffeine I took, the more depression stuck on to me. Times grew real bad. All the horrible thoughts of worthlessness and hopelessness spiked up and I , unaware of all these, continued taking it. 

Later, in some random pin in Pinterest , I came across the destroying effects of caffeine. It worsenned depression. I realised I was destroying myself rather than helping myself.

And then I decided to leave it. But the normal days of precise alertness were replaced with groggy hours. I realised what meds did. I would fall asleeep all the time. My studies started going down because all the hours that I put into studying were now spent in sleep.

I had no choice but to take it back. Now despite the minor depression, I take coffee every morning. The evening coffee has been cut down. Things are not the best but are certainly better.

Coffee is likes a bad boy lover. Too much and too little make you dull. The right amount makes you live an amazing life.



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