A letter to the Bully.

A letter to the Bully.

Dear Mr Bully,

It has been a long time since I last saw you. I remember you. I could not forget if I wanted to. Time has traversed. I am one of the cool kids now. No one makes jokes of me nowadays . I don’t go to school wondering what new away you or one of your cronies will find to torture me. To hurt my mind and soul. I go without fear. But the wound that you left is still raw.

Everytime you made fun of my weight, my confidence thinned down a little. Everytime you joked about my bag or my bottle, I felt self concious and emotionally down. It was a game for you. But it was a massive struggle for me. You had fun . I spent all my energy to hold myself at the seams till I was so emotionally down that living seemed hard. 

Now, when I save some kid from being bullied, they see me as a hero. But I know that it is more than just humanity. It is the pain of first hand experience. You changed me. Maybe I would have been a carefree happy-go-lucky type of girl. Instead I am a thoughtful, reserved, quiet girl. You changed me. It is not that I hate myself. Just that you made me different and I would have been happy to have some of those happiness in my life.

Anyway, you must be still continuing to bully.I hope there is someone out there to stop you.

Still healing the wounds you left,

Yours truly,

The girl you bullied.


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